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We determine with the date of the wedding

Step-by-Step Wedding Preparation Plan


To preserve a lot of positive memories not only from the main celebration, but also from actions approaching it, we offer a step-by-step plan for preparing for the wedding, with the help of which you easily organize a wedding event not only for yourself, but also for a friend. Also check out things people forget when planning a wedding https://planning.wedding/.

We determine with the date of the wedding

Everyone chooses a wedding date in their own way. Someone turns to astrology, someone to numerology, others choose a day that is personally memorable for them.

Dates with a beautiful combination of numbers are considered the most popular, and the time of year when there are especially many applicants to get engaged is summer. In any case, it should be your personal choice. After all, not the day makes us happy, but the events taking place in it.

We submit an application to the registry office

It is possible to submit an application to the registry office from 1 to 12 months before the wedding. If there are special circumstances (pregnancy, birth of a child, illness), marriage can be registered on the day of submission of documents. Always add all tasks to the planner planning.

Documents required for marriage registration:

  1. passport of both parties;
  2. Divorce certificate — for divorced persons;
  3. Permission to marry — for minors;
  4. The completed joint marriage application.

Decide in advance on the choice of surname, because this question will be present in the application, and making a quarrel with the future spouse in front of the registrar is not the best idea.

Choose a wedding theme

When you decide how to get into wedding planning, proceed to the next step. Ask yourself some questions first:

  • what interests unite you with your lover;
  • who you want to see next to you on the day of the celebration and what interests they have;
  • wherever you want to find yourself — in a fabulous kingdom, on a retro, vintage, gangster party, or maybe in the image of a Russian beauty in a traditional outfit with all the traditions that follow from it.

Many prefer weddings in a certain color, which will be traced in details, jewelry, outfits of guests and newlyweds.

This year’s color is blue, but choosing shades for weddings, it is better to focus on your taste and preferences

Weddings in the «natural» style are very popular. Lots of greens, not bright colors, light air dresses. More family — with a small number of people, cozy.

Lovers of thrills and non-standard ideas may be interested in a loft-style wedding. The upper floors of abandoned industrial buildings, cinemas, lighthouses increasingly began to surrender to the organization of solemn events. The loft style causes conflicting opinions among newlyweds, but more and more creative and creative people choose this particular wedding direction.

The main thing is that the choice of topic should be traced throughout the design. And warn guests about your decision, for example, by indicating in the invitation. Not only do you have to prepare for the celebration in advance.

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